English speaking Psychotherapist

If you are looking for English speaking psychotherapist in Riga, Latvia, I will be glad to help you.

To set up appointment, please call me on +371-29213238. If I’m not picking up the phone, I will call back within 2 hours. Alternatively, you can use e-mail: ansis@psihoterapija.lv

My qualifications are psychotherapist (existential psychotherapy, psycho-organic analysis, continuing training in Jung Analysis). Clinical psychologist by first education (MA from University of Latvia), continuing PhD studies in Vienna, Sigmund Freud University. I’m working also as supervisor.

Certified by European Psychotherapy Association, Latvian Psychotherapists Association.
exPresident of Latvian Psychotherapists Association.

Location of my office is Miera iela 61k1-5b, Rīga. It is not far from downtown, easy accessible by public transport or by car.

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